Natural Ageless Beauty: Tips On Retaining Your Youthful Glow

There is nothing wrong with getting a face lift, using botox, or buying all those anti-aging creams and lotions that are available on the market. However, these beauty options are often expensive, and not always accessible to everyone. There are alternative ways to looking young, all affordable, but no less effective. Follow these anti aging tips for women, and captivate everyone with your ageless splendor.

1.  Flash those pearly whites.

One study showed that the ages of people with a smiling or happy expression were often estimated incorrectly, the participants having judged them younger by around two years or so. Smiling also makes you look more attractive and radiant, making you appear younger. Aside from innocent deception, smiling has good psychological benefits as it releases stress and fatigue.

2.  Wear sunscreen and shades.

Ultraviolet rays from the sun are responsible for skin aging. Even during cloudy days, some of this radiation still filters through, so be sure to always put on broad spectrum sunscreen to protect yourself. Though this seems like a hassle, shielding your skin from the free radicals that cause skin aging signs can only benefit you in the long run.

3. Follow a beauty regimen.

Green tea, which is rich in anti-aging antioxidants, can be used to make a homemade facial mask. Combine green tea powder with brewed white tea, as the Chinese do, to help fight wrinkles. A sugar and lemon juice mixture makes a great scrub too. The sugar crystals, together with the alpha hydroxyl acid from the lemon, exfoliate, renew and moisturize your skin effectively.

4. Watch what you eat.

Avoid fatty foods full of sugar, cholesterol, and empty calories. Go for healthier alternatives: veggies and fruits should be eaten in abundance. Lean meats are great protein sources, while whole grain products rich in fiber help cleanse your body of toxins. A warm cup of ginger tea mixed with honey also has anti-aging properties. The gingerol from ginger slows collagen breakdown, keeping your skin firm, while honey reduces inflammation.

5. Keep a positive attitude.

Don’t be a grump. Out of all the previously mentioned anti aging tips for women, this is the most important. Believe it or not, beauty truly does come from within. If you approach your life with confidence and an optimistic mindset, not only will you exude youth and beauty, but you will also inspire the people you encounter.


Skincare Tips for Every Women

Who wants to age fast? The fact is that all women will do anything to keep looking younger for longer. Women across the world have had to do all sorts of things to keep looking young and at times really dangerous steps have been taken at times applying dangerous chemicals. At times women have ended up bleaching their skin in search for beauty. You do not have to do all that because there are simple skin care tips that can help get the best skin and keep looking young for longer.

Take at least eight glasses of water daily

The skin has a way of cleansing itself if you do not give it the best ingredient to do so. There are times the skin will break out or develop acne if you do not help the body take care of the toxins. When we keep eating food and no water and/or fast foods with no water, then the skin will break out. You just need to take water and the body will rid itself with the toxins leaving your skin looking young and healthy.

Protect yourself from the sun

Many people walk with their skin exposed to the sun not knowing the sun has a way of damaging the skin. At times you still have to sit under the sun for vitamin D to get into the skin which of course the body needs. But to keep your skin younger for longer, protecting yourself from the effects of the sun is one of the top skin care secrets. Try it and in a few weeks, you will have a healthy looking skin.

Exercise three times a week

Exercise has lately been emphasized and mostly only to the people who are looking for a way to lose weight. Exercise is one of the best skin care tips that has been conveniently avoided by many people. Take a thirty minutes’ walk three times a week and you will be amazed at the new look of your skin in weeks.

Eat a healthy diet

There is a common saying that says “garbage in garbage out”. You just need to eat a balanced diet and your skin will be beautiful. Fast food makes the skin to breakout and to avoid it you just need a balanced diet with high fiber.